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Adhesives and Epoxies Q&A

  •   What type of adhesive would I use to bond latex and latex-free rubber to brass?

    Answered November 23rd, 2010 by Expert: Nadine Blaesing

    Latex rubbers can usually be bonded with cyanoacrylates, typically referred to as super glues. They have excellent adhesion to brass in most cases. Various types of rubber are used to manufacture latex-free rubbers, from synthetic rubber, butyl rubbers, isoprene, or even silicone. Thus, the type of adhesive to recommend depends on the specific rubber. Cyanoacrylates would be a good starting place. They are available with different viscosities (low-water-like viscosities of 20 or 50 cP, higher-viscosity materials such as 500 or 1000 cP, and all the way up to GEL viscosity). They also come in different grades, such as low odor, low bloom, surface insensitive, or rubber-toughened for better impact resistance. Dymax 222/100, which is a low-odor/low-bloom cyanoacrylate, might be a good starting point.